Apparently when I’m multitasking too much I end up using outdated cliches to title my downloads, or else I don’t bother with a proper title at all. Anyway, here’s two sets that I’ve been playing around with for a few days but only just got around to uploading.

First up is the Buggybooz Baine bathtub (mesh is HERE) in some Eversims colors, with a bonus silver faucet texture which is attached to the Lisa Anne color to keep the faucet section tidy. The wood texture got a bit faded in the recoloring process… not intentional, but I like the softer look.

» [ download bathtubs ]

Next is Evanesco’s conversion of madaya74’s window set in the same Eversims palette, as requested by fluttererbat. Technically they’re a recolor of sims2palette’s recolor… because I like that texture better. P: I didn’t test these as extensively as I would’ve liked, but hopefully I didn’t bugger anything up too badly. Meshes are here with an add-on set here. I didn’t include them because I’m a bit of an idiot and I forgot.

» [ download windows ]

Thinking about doing a BaCc

Decided to try a BaCc again but this time I will be playing all maxis match. I’m actually going to just take out most of my cc so i don’t have any issues.

I actually used a bunch of different generators online to make my sims this time. I’m  just waiting for bodyshop to open, which is going to take 4ever

I have 5 families and a total of 10 sims.

The Sims 4 Tutorial: Deleting Cache Files



You may have noticed that the more you play The Sims 4, the longer your loading screens will last.

This issue is caused by Cache Files collecting as you progress through the game. These files serve it’s purpose as a faster way of loading in-game thumbnails (such as families, houses etc.) and they are created each time you load something ”new”.

As you add more custom content and mods for the game,…

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